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Submitting product ideas: Everything you need to know

  • 22 March 2020
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Do you have a feature request or an idea on how we can improve ClickLearn? Please don’t just keep them to yourself. This category is the best place for you to share and discuss it with other ClickLearn users. And keep in mind that you can also vote and comment on ideas submitted by others. Our product team will use this channel to carefully assess all submitted ideas and keep you updated on their status and progress made.


Before you submit an idea, please search.

Check if someone else hasn’t already submitted the same idea. It’s better you spend your time searching instead of writing out an idea that already exists :wink:.  You can see all submitted ideas hereIf yours has not yet been submitted, you can submit your idea here.


Describe your idea with as much detail as possible.

Sometimes a screenshot can say more than a million words. The richer your description, the more likely we and others will immediately know what you mean (and the higher the chances someone will vote for your idea).


One idea at a time.

Please do not submit multiple ideas in one topic. Otherwise, it becomes messy and nobody knows which feature people who voted actually want to be implemented. Submitting ideas is free, so don't hold back to submit multiple ideas.


What is the process we use to evaluate ideas?

When you submit a new idea, it will have the New status. Within 2 weeks the product team will have a look at your idea, and possibly ask you some more questions to make sure we understand the idea. After the first review, we will change the status of the idea to reflect our plans with it.

An idea will get one of the following states:

  • Open - The idea has been reviewed and is open for discussion and voting. This means that we think the idea is interesting, but we are not ready yet to decide whether we want to do something with it. This means that we want to wait for more feedback/votes, it can also mean that this idea does not fit our product strategy at the moment but is still something we might look at later.
  • Under construction - The idea is actively being built on by our product team.
  • Delivered - The idea has been implemented and is available.
  • Delivered (Partially) - Some aspects of the idea have been implemented and are available.
  • Closed (Parked) - We reviewed the idea and we know we won’t build it any time soon. This could be because the complexity of the idea, the value it might return, or the fact that the idea is not aligned with our product strategy.
  • Closed (Duplicate) - Idea is a duplicate and we will merge the topics.
  • Closed (Never) - We will never work on this idea, as it isn’t part of our core business/product vision.
  • Closed - We reviewed the idea and we feel it is not an idea. We will comment and either close or move the topic.

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