Mastering change management and versioning with metadata

  • 28 May 2020
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What is metadata? 

Medata is data about data. It describes and gives information about other data. 


How does metadata work in ClickLearn studio? 

Can be used to categorize and identify data without actively reading into the data itself. 


How can you use metadata in your content? 

Metadata can be used in the html view of the recordings, the word/pdf and even PowerPoint. It can also be used in individual recordings notes, referencing the specific recording’s metadata. 


How do you work with versioning and change management? 

By using the versioning tag of revision data and revision (version) you can always ensure that even if an individual prints out a work instruction as a hard copy, you can always see which version they are reading. 


Video from the Get Smarter 2020 Conference, a demonstration of how metadata works and how it can be used with change management too: 


Video from Morten’s Corner going through the entire process of utilizing metadata from start to finish: 

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