NEED TO KEEP REPEATER - please vote!

  • 16 April 2021
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My understanding is that “REPEATER” functionality will go away in the near future - please vote for this and help keep this great tool in service!


In short, REPEATER allows advanced CL admins to create automated testing where you can refer to an excel spreadsheet to get values.  This is more useful than CASES because you have the ability to randomly get variables in Excel (with formulas) which makes testing much more useful.  Often times yu will get a list of items from Operations in an excel sheet and it is very easier to transform those values into a REPEATER template.


With REPEATER, I can easily create 100 random requests/tasks based on formulas I write in excel.  While CASES are very beneficial and they have unique features with the xml file, it doesn’t replace REPEATER.  PLEASE VOTE to keep this.  

2 replies

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Thanks for reaching out Trice. I’m the guy who convinced the entire team, that removing the REPEATER is just a great idea. I feel a little bad now.

However, Excel-spreadsheet import directly to the APT engine will be available in Attain. Not on July 5th, but shortly thereafter. I completely understand the idea of using formulas and all the other cool stuff in Excel as parameters for the APT-engine.

We’re working on it. Our first step was to make good on the promise, that existing recordings could easily be integrated into the APT-project and create a better execution engine. 

I hope you will stay patient in the massive transition we’re undergoing with Attain and I look forward to notifying you, when the Excel-spreadsheet feature is available.

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That’s great!  I am looking forward to getting back into APT and modeling some test cases.