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Add fields to template

  • 7 December 2020
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I noticed that we can add ‘project” and “connector” to training material in Clicklearn, but we are not able to add this information to the template (Power point, pdf..), For a user who print or save some training content to his local computer, it will be usefull to know the project and for which connector.\

in our case, we create material for IFS, to avoid adding to the training title IFS v9, IFS V10, it will be easier to add the connector as a field visible in the template.

1 reply

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Hi @Sebastien Delmotte 

You are correct that you cannot add connector information automatically to your recordings. Connector info is mainly included for the author and our support team, for troubleshooting purposes.

However, you can setup and use a metadata field for this purpose. And then add the information to your publications in that way.

If using ClickLearn Classic, please view this post for more info. 


If using ClickLearn Attain, please go to settings and metadata to configure:


We also did a session on metadata on our Get Smarter 2020 - the video is available here: