Add User Email to Attain OData Feed

  • 4 January 2022
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Currently the Attain OData feed provides the name of the user in the “UserName” column. The data in this column displays in various formats: 

  1. First-name Last-name (E.g. John Smith)
  2. Email address (E.g.
  3. Email address but in place of the “@” and “.” characters, it is substituted with “_” (E.g. jsmith_emaildomain_com)

It will be helpful to have a new column that only contains the users’ email address. The “UserName” requires a great deal of data manipulation to transform it into a single format. As well, the users’ email address was/is available in the Classic OData feed, it would be nice to have parity between the two.


Thank you! 

1 reply

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Great to see this delivered in the release! Thanks to the ClickLearn team, this has made maintaining our Power BI Dashboards easier!