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Additional Header Levels in Structure of Project

  • 25 June 2021
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The ability to add headings to the structure of a project in Attain is a great feature that helps us better organize our material. Currently, there is only 1 level for headings (H1); it would be great to include additional levels (H2, H3) to allow for more flexibility and customization. 


Our end users would benefit from this as it reduces the amount of ‘clicks’ (from using sections to separate the material in place of additional header levels) and quickly see all the recordings relevant to a topic.


Thank you!

3 replies

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Hi @Nickia

Could you add a crude/simple mock-up of how such a structure would look like? I just want to be sure our team understands your intentions correctly. 


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Hi @Per


Thanks for the reply! 


If we were to add additional headers in our structure it would currently look like this, where the headings ‘Work Instructions’ and ‘for Lump Sum Project’ and ‘for Unit Price Project’ are all the same. 

Same Heading Level

It would be nice to differentiate the headings with something like this (roughly drawn up) and have the ability to set a different font, font size, colour, etc. so users can easily differentiate the types of recordings.

Different Heading Level

Thank you.

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Hi Nickia,

Have you tried creating a new template and overwrite the headings settings on the frontpage and/or sections part of that new template. Then apply the template to the sections, where you would want the smaller heading ?

I know this is not a very good permanent solution, but it may very well get you some of the way until we introduce a setting suitable for your purpose. Please let me know, how this pans out.