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Attain: Import Recordings

  • 30 August 2021
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Hi CL-Community,

during the import process from CL-Classic to Attain "items" might will be skipped for different reasons. Issue: How to easily identify which items haven’t been brought over and which are missing? It would be helpful to receive an import summary / a list of items which need to be reworked, if necessary? Such a kind of an import protocol would be extremely helpful.

Please vote for this request if you have the same need and want to improve the importing process.

Thanks in advance, Volker

1 reply

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Hi Volker,

I will get the development team to look into this. First of all, I believe we had some issues (should be fixed now) when importing long filenames.

But a summary of what failed seem to be a very good idea. I will bring this forward to the development team.