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Attain: Translation option for special words

  • 26 October 2020
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Dear ClickLearn team,

It would be really helpful to have the option to transalte specific words with defined words. We have in our CRM translated many fields in the different languages. After translating the fields which have been part of the replay in ClickLearn they are called correctly, but inside the notes where it is done via Bing translations is different. Would be good to have an option to define the translation of specific words ( a little bit like the option for the “Speech Editor” in ClickLearn Classic.


Hope it is understandable, otherwise feel free to contact me.

1 reply

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Thanks, Anja. I’m really struggling with this feature, because I actually think, that the right way to do this, would be to deliver to you a way of referencing fields in a particular recording. In that way, it would automatically assume the right naming, as you replay. However, there might be specific terms, that you wish to translate in a particular way and we should obviously support something around that. I feel, that the translation quality will suffer, because of the differences in language constructions.
We are undertaking a big project in January around translation and inexpensive professional services on that. I have escalated your case to be included in that project. I will keep you posted.