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Auto translation of keystrokes and data-dependent steps

  • 14 July 2020
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Today, when autogenerating translation and exporting to Excel, only the manual entered instruction texts are included. I suggest to include both keystrokes and values in data-dependent steps in the export function.


Very often, we create recordings where the keystrokes differ from language to language. Let me give you an example. In Microsoft Business Central, you frequently search for a specific function/page. The name of the pages naturally differs in the various localizations. Below is an example.

  • English: Wizard
  • German: Assistent
  • Danish: Guide

Having the keystrokes included in the Excel translation would greatly help us complete the replays in other languages.



Another critical issue when replaying in different languages is the data-dependent steps. Let me explain this with the following example.

I have a list with the following records (lines): 

  • Finance
  • Purchase
  • Sales 

In the English recording, I selected the Purchase line, and when replaying in the English, everything runs beautifully smooth. However, when I do replay in the German Business Central, the line in Business Central is now called Einkauf. ClickLearn tries its best line but naturally fails (can't find the record Purchase). 

Today, translating data-dependent steps is an extremely time-consuming manual task. Having the captured values from the data-dependent steps included in the translation export to Excel would be distinctly beneficial and considerably help us achieving great replays in other languages. 

1 reply

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Thanks for the reach out. The entire process of translation and localizing instructions is something we are heavily focusing on in the new edition of ClickLearn, launching in October. You are also touching on a replay related problem. This is something you would change in the data-role. It is not easily accessible. In the new release, this will be easier to modify and change. Furthermore, we are building on the Replay experience. In many cases, we know what to select (per your example of Purchase vs. Einkauf). We are going to bring that knowledge into a smoother Replay experience in the October release.