Automated testing - use dynamic variables

  • 21 July 2020
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Whenever I use replay as a test tool (e.g. regression test after a new release) and I create records in dynamics, I would like to have the text entries made dynamic by embedding variables such as timestamps, counters, or other parameters. Examples:

  1. every time I execute replay, the record I create would contain a timestamp in a field such “Test 2020-07-21 14:48:15”.
  2. if I am creating several identical records in succession, I could differentiate them using a counter and/or timestamp.
  3. I define a central parameter for the replay run (depending on several contexts such as, in which environment I am executing replay, which user is executing etc.) and embed this parameter in the respective steps of the recording.

Additionally it would be a good idea, if I can use these variables not just in entering texts, but also in other input contexts, like hyperlinks etc.

1 reply

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Hi @rgireesan 


thank you for submitting your idea :)


the APT setup using either global replay values, or cases should give you this option.


Please see this post and its linked videos:


As well as this link for standardized APT values such as time and date:


if you like,  we can look at this together - or you can enlighten me on your ideas in case i misunderstood your concept :) let me know on