Book Icon pulled into header of the Word Document

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It is great that Icons can be set for each book to help users visualize the content organization. It would be great if the Icons could be included in the header of the Word/PDF documents to further help users connect that content as displayed on the Portal.

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I think that is a very good idea. I think it might be doable today using a customized template. But I know, that it can be easily done in the new UX12.

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Hi @Michael Foster 


This is a great idea for sure!


While it is currently not an option, our developers have informed me that it will be possible with UX12 as icons are handled completely differently.


In UX12 you can have individual icons for all items, including individual recordings so that they are not neccesarily dependant on inheritance from their parent object :)


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Thanks @Morten.  UX12 launch date is still planned for the fall?