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Bulk Edit Steps/Notes in a Recording

  • 3 May 2021
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Currently, in Attain you can only edit a single step at a time for settings such as ‘Inclusion’ (video & written), ‘Subtitles’, ‘Narration’, etc. It will be beneficial to have the ability to bulk edit steps/notes to help reduce editing time.

This feature is available in ClickLearn Classic, where you can highlight numerous steps, right-click and apply a change such as  ‘Instruction off’, ‘Video off’, ‘Video text mode - none’. 

1 reply

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Hi Nickia,

Really sorry for the late reply. I know this is an issue. We are working our way through either a “real” multi-step edit or a context-menu-type on/off flag.

I will keep you posted.

/ Joachim