Global Parameter to Control Subtitles

  • 11 March 2022
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In an Attain project templates, we would benefit from a parameter that allow subtitles to be off be default for our recordings. In Attain, in order to have subtitles off for the entirety of a recording you need to:  
1. Click on the first step
2. Hold ‘Shift’ and click on the last step
3. Click on the ‘Subtitle off’ button 

In the situation of adding new steps or notes to a recording, sometimes turning off the subtitle is missed. This creates inconsistency in our video outputs. 

Having a global setting will save time from doing this for each recording and ensure no steps and/or notes are missed.

4 replies

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Hi Nickia,

Thanks for the reachout. It is one of those cases, where the functionality is there, but there is no way of controlling the behavior in our templating system. I will pass it to the team and we will see, if we can’t get an overhaul of the video options available for you (including subtitles off).

/ Joachim

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Thanks @JoachimSchiermacher! This feature request also stems from having some steps and notes that have a fair bit of text to provide greater explanation for our end-users . Because it can be text heavy at times, we find that the subtitles cover parts of the screen, therefore we prefer to keep the subtitles off. Having a global control will save us time when editing and ensure we don’t miss turning off subtitles for a step or note.

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@ClickLearnSupport Great to see this request delivered in the latest release (! 😀 It saves our team a considerable amount of time from having to edit each recording to turn subtitles off.

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As Nickia mentioned this was delivered in

Jonas Ranebring