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Global setting for Video Pause

  • 16 July 2020
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Am I the only one growing tired of adjusting the Video Pause on almost all the recording steps? Can we please have an option to configure the Video Pause as a default value (in the template)?


2 replies

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Hi @Mister Continia 


Its a good idea for sure.


When you are using the videoflags=2 option it might make the video go a bit faster than you might like, a combination of that and the pause is a good option. Reverting to not using videoflags=2 in the meanwhile might solve this for you.


A global video pause is definately a feature that would be nice to have.

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Hi Mister Continia,


You are probably not the only one growing tired of adjusting pauses. We’ve planned a new feature for release on July 5th, that will enable you to set a “global progrression pace” for in the templating session. Furthermore we’ve planned to do an autosetting on pauses, that will take into account large reads. I hope you will take it for a test drive after July 5th and let me know, how you feel about it.


/ Joachim