Grammarly integration

  • 10 July 2020
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When writing instruction texts, it would be remarkable to have the text field integrated with Grammarly, just like in ZenDesk, as this heightens the quality of the user-created instructions.
My recordings usually include several steps with quite extensive instruction texts.

2 replies

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Thanks for reaching out. Increasing the quality of the manually entered instructions is something we are working on. One initiative is to make it easier to couple directly with translation professional services. Your suggestion is very interesting and fits into the overall objective. I’m going to investigate on that.

I have started using the word export from ClickLearn into WORD with Grammarly AND the WORD red-line mode enabled.  It really helps clean up things beyond just miss spelled words.   It is a pain in the but however to take the red line corrections and copy /paste them back into the ClickLearn editor.

So, a real integration from the editor directly to Grammarly would be much nicer.