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Option to apply conditions to all steps in a section or group

  • 9 July 2021
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I recently posed a question to the support team. Here’s the link to that original post on the community page: 

My understanding is that every step in a section/group must have the same condition for it to apply to those steps. Additionally, the top-level section/group structure itself must also have the condition. 

I think, and it seems Morten agreed with me during the conversation, that it would be much simpler and more intuitive for the user if there was either an option that allowed you to apply the same condition to all steps in that section/group OR if creating a condition for that section/group automatically applies it without user intervention.

1 reply

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Jacob, Thanks for reaching out. I just confirmed that this is the case with the development team. I’m sorry, that this went through Quality Assurance.
We’re going to do two things here:

Allow you to apply a rule to a section or group. This will in turn apply the same rule to any subsequent step within that section or group.

Allow you to do something like a “format-painter”, which you may know from Excel, that will allow you to apply a rule from one step to multiple others.

I will let the development team know and get them started. Thanks for your patience.