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Place Chapter and Subchapter headings in videos before the following Step or Note

  • 25 August 2020
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I’ve noticed that in multi-chapter videos the image that belongs to the following chapter appear one or two seconds immediately before the actual chapter name appears. Let me try to explain a different way with a simple example:

Chapter 1 contains one image we will call “Image A”.

Chapter 2 contains a different image we will call “Image B”.

The video plays in this order:

  1. “Image A” shows throughout Chapter 1.
  2. At the end of Chapter 1 “Image B” suddenly appears, even though it’s not connected to any Notes or Steps belonging to Chapter 1.
  3. The Chapter 2 title screen appears.
  4. Then Chapter 2 proceeds along with “Image B”.

This is causing some confusion for some of our viewers because they are seeing material unrelated to the current chapter at the very end of it, before it’s relevant chapter begins. I would like to see a future version of ClickLearn not show image ahead of the chapter or subchapter they actually follow.

1 reply

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Thanks for reaching out. We’re introducing a new concept to support that in ClickLearn Attain in October. Keep with next and keep with previous, which will be interpreted correctly by the player.