Please Add: Query Feature

  • 5 June 2020
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I felt there was an opportunity to query for recording notes based on their properties.


I was having a problem with the Clicklearn Assist which was caused by some of my recordings containing steps using the “windows connector”, and my task was to find those recording steps and remove them.


Since I had several recordings all with several steps I found myself clicking one-by-one through every recording step. 


It would have been fantastic to be able to search all recording steps by the connector used, this way I could modify them in one fell swoop.



1 reply

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Thanks for reaching out. That would absolutely be a cool feature. I will investigate with our team on the current state of our new “global search”, that we are launching with the new ClickLearn in October and see, if we can get some of the stuff, you are looking for into an advanced search.

Thanks for reaching out.