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  • 17 March 2021
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In the Click Learn Classic software, there was no restriction on the character limit in the Recording Title.  In Click Learn Attain, it is capped at 32 characters.  This is not enough space for a proper title in many cases.  

The limit needs to be closer to 50 characters.  This was not an issue in the legacy system, why is it now?  Can this please be addresses.


Thank You

2 replies

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Hi JStack,


Thanks for reaching out. Off the top of my head, I can’t offer a sensible explanation to why we would reduce the available characters and I share your feeling of being “mainframed” on this. You would probably be able to use the description field or Metadata in Attain to achieve some of the results you are looking for. But I think, we’re going to start out with looking at the problem from the root. Let me examine and get back to you.




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Hi JStack,


Just a quick comeback on how to fix this.

The problem with the recording title, is that it is used as a filename. There is a very easy work-around. First enable Metadata (description) in Attain. You will get access to two metadata fields: Description and Alternative title. The alternative title is language specific and you can overwrite the presented title of the recording by using that. Hope that clarifies.

/ Joachim