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"SchowMe Steps" in "TestMe" and "TryMe"

  • 6 April 2020
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In some video tutorials (TryMe and TestMe mode) it would be helpful for us to have an option where steps are only shown without clicking even in the TryMe or TestMe mode. 
This is very useful if you want to show a little setup at the beginning of the tutorial - but this is not directly part of the teaching process.

2 replies

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Thanks, Tim. I think this is actually doable today by using the parameters of the video player. I know it will be easily achievable in the new UX12. However, I’m going to ask our brilliant support team to see, if they can come up with a solution, that may solve your issue in the current release.

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Hi @Tim Heinrich 


While it is not possible to set toggles for specific steps as being part of a showme, testme, tryme scenario - instead you could make a chapter in the beginning of the recording and call it Introduction.


In this chapter, you can have notes with images describing  the part of the tutorial. An additional chapter with could be added where the “actual” steps begin, so that the user can navigate to these using the table of content / chapter index in the video while in showme mode.


If you on the other hand wish to exclude a trivial introduction part from your LMS oriented tryme / testme instruction, then you can delete those from this version of the recording.


Another method is to use the flow role, this works for all 3 video types. You could have a question saying “do you wish to be taken through the introduction?” this, however will still be part of the requirements for the course, so if you say yes - then you are expected to complete these steps, but it does give you an opportunity to skip a well known introduction.


You can also use the regular controls for video off / subtitle off / audio off if you wish to exclude or alter the content shown in the video.