Separate Inclusion option for Test Me

  • 6 June 2022
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There are some parts of my Show Me and Try Me videos that I would like to exclude from the Test Me video, and vice-versa.


For example, removing some of the explanation of areas, and instead just asking the user to “demonstrate how to XYZ”, rather than talking them through the steps and telling them exactly what to do.


It would also be really neat if we could incorporate quiz questions to the Test Me video.


So ClickLearn would create the Test Me video automatically, as it does currently, but then have a separate “include in Test Me material” or “include in Show Me/Try Me material” for each content block/step, instead of just the one “include in video material” option.

This would make it easier to format the Test Me video, make it more challenging, and just make it make more sense in a testing capacity. :)

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