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Skipping chapters in videos

  • 27 April 2020
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Since the end users for our training videos may have different levels of knowledge of a topic or platform. For instance, some may be viewing the videos as a refresher while others are being trained on a platform for the first time. Alternately, some may be familiar with one part of the task, but not another. I imagine that the users would like to be able to select which chapters in a training video to view, so I’d like to see this feature, whether in the form of clicking on the chapter or listing timestamps and chapter titles.

2 replies

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Thanks Gloria. I have asked the support team to answer your request. There are a number of parameters you can use to control our video player and I believe, that you should be able to achieve what you are trying to do with the current release (with some minor tweaking of your production template). 

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Hi @Gloria Stevens 

There are a few options for this. One is to use the flow role for an interactive experience in the video itself, this can be complex to set up, though its a rewarding experience - it may not be exactly what you are looking for.


Instead I propose you make use of chapters and subchaters in such a way that the end user is never in doubt of what a chapter will cover, they can then choose to skip to specific chapters in the recording.

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The nice thing about chapters, is that these are also reflected in the written content in form of the table of content, providing means of easy navigation and a good level of consistency.

Word TOC

If you are always using the same set up chapters, you can also have your template automatically set up a new recording with a set of specific chapters, should you with to have a set beginners and advanced chapters - as well as an introduction and objective, or whatever could be applicaple to your case :)