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Spell check

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I can’t believe that this needs to be requested, but having spell check when adding notes and such would be great. 

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Thanks Heather. I understand the frustration of not having a spell-checker when typing in large portions of text. We will improve in this area, but probably not in the next major release. Until that time, when the feature is available, it is possible to copy/paste from a word processor and use the spell check of f.ex. Microsoft Word. I know it is not the greatest, but we will get to the right feature over time.

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Just wanted to follow up with you again. Yesterday, I had a dialogue with our development team. We will be launching UX12 with spell check support. Currently we are finding the best way of doing this. But we know, that it is possible to deliver a solid solution on spell-checking in multiple languages. That means October launch for general availability. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.