Submitting feedback sends an email to Authors

  • 22 June 2020
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I would like the feedback email to be extended to send email when a user submits a rating/feedback at the end of the HTML or any of the video pages.  This would allow us to create support cases when feedback is entered.

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5 replies

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Great idea Jay!!  This would be great since it would accelerate our speed to market around addressing feedback received via ClickLearn.  Thanks!!

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Hi Jay,

Thanks for reaching out. We are heavily extending on the event architecture, that tracks user behavior in all our content, allowing us to better respond to the events coming in with custom actions. By extension we would also be able to do digest mails, compiling important changes into a single easily digested e-mail for the responsible authors, or even customizing the event response to post to a web-service in your support-system. By the way, I salute the “NPS-like” approach you are taking towards low user ratings: responding and interacting with the users, that have problems with the content. That will absolutely lead you to higher quality content and better experiences for your users.

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That is absolutely fantastic to hear Joachim!  As per usual, the ClickLearn Team is on it.  Thank you very much for the info and your continued approach to consistently delivering product innovation.  Awesome!!

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Thank you Jochim. That sounds like a great improvement and something we will be looking forward to in the future. (hopefully not too far in).

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Hi @JayMurphy,


It’s a great idea for sure :)


This should be possible using a script.


Please change your recording template as follows:

Recording template / HTML / FEEDBACKSECTION


Change onclick="reportFeedback(); to onclick="reportCustom();




And add a function to perform this action in the HTML / SCRIPTSCUSTOM


function reportCustom()




Now what will happen is that when you click the submit button, it will call the function you have defined in the script.


in my example i used an alert to demonstrate that the function was called, you should be using a script that will be sending the feedback as an email or similar.