Text-to-speech Speech Editor Punctuation tooltip per punctuation character.

  • 23 November 2022
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Dear Community,

As probably most of you know, sometimes the TTS voices mispronounce a sentence. When this happens the need arises to customize the pronunciation of this sentence so that the pronunciation is correct. The TTS speech editor certainly fulfils this need well. However, in my humble opinion, it would be nice to have a tooltip of some sort that contains information about the different punctuation characters and what kind of effect each will have on the pronunciation of the TTS voice. 

For example:
the “.” (or “period character”), will create a long pause in between letters separated by a space.

another example is that using multiple “ “ (s p a c e s) will result in slightly slower and more emphasized pronunciation of the letters or the words in between the multiple spaces.

Finally, a hyphen will also create a deliberate short pause between two letters/words. (Josh Granados-Ambrosio helped me with that one, thank you Josh!)

So concretely, the question/idea is: “Are there punctuation characters that have an effect on pronunciation, and if so, could a list of these characters be added to the speech editor window for reference when customizing TTS pronunciations?”

The idea that a “period character” adds a pause after a letter/word is of course usual/expected/logical at the end of a sentence. However, it would be nice to know how to use the punctuation charaters to customize mispronunciations where the characters are used generally / outside of their usual context, like mid sentence, or in between letters.


I hope that I explained my idea clearly. Feel free to reach out in case there are questions!

Kind regards,


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