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  • 10 July 2020
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A feature suggestion;

When I change my default thumbnail size, for example, if I am recording something like the Windows Calculator and I change the dimensions to 320x600 or something.  

The problem is after the recording is completed, it doesn’t pick up on the right X/Y starting position of the application I am recording:



As you can see, I would have to go into the thumbnail editor for each step of the recording manually and move the green box to cover the application.  

There should be a way to set the default X/Y position or manipulate a series of these simultaneously.  One better for me would be for me to be able to set where the application exists on the screen as part of the initialization of the recording process.

2 replies

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Hi @tbay-stranger 


Thank you for posting your idea :)


While its s fair idea, there are some easy ways to accomplish this already.


for this purpose, it is easier if just put every step in a group, either with other steps, or alone - and then use the group cropping option for crop to window client area

crop windows client area


just grouping every single step will look like this:

All steps grouped, numbered list, crop to windows client area


just grouping every single step indivitually looks like this:

all steps grouped individually, bujlleted list, crop to windows client area


clicklearn always records the entire screen, not a specific window - therefor the top left of your recorded screen will be 0,0


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Thank you