ClickLearn Attain version release notes

  • 28 December 2020
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  • Issue when the user tries to add steps in a recording having different resolution has been fixed now.
  • Missing of recordings and folders from a project is now fixed. [This issue occurs when the project is version 1.0 and user would close the studio without closing the project]
  • Preview and Content Issue related to Segmentation is fixed now.
    • When a user creates a segmentation and separates its contents accordingly, though it does not bifurcate the content accordingly in the structure preview as well as in the published content.
  • Written Editor: Preview Issue is fixed now. The issue is related to the Note. When we structure the text block we were not seeing the same structure in the preview.
  • Redact was not working in the grouped steps is now fixed.
  • Reply failed issue when we have the first step as Annotation is fixed now
  • Selection issue is fixed now: The issue was where we edit a recording, the selection was moved to the first item instead of the recording you are editing.
  • If saving a recording fails, the recording saved in a temporary location and can be imported later.
  • Changes made in custom publishing template will now reflect on Publishing template preview.


  • Published content could be downloaded from portal.
  • Mass User creation functionality is now available via portal and can be performed by customer admin.

1 reply


Hi Morten,

Happy New Year! 

Thanks for this update, can I there a video/post anywhere with more information about customising the publishing template in Attain? 

Thanks :)