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How to create a new topic for discussion or ask a question

  • 7 February 2022
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How to create a new topic for discussion or ask a question
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Would you like to ask a question or start a discussion? Here are some useful tips for making sure you and other community members benefit as much as possible from the topic.

  • First, use the search function on the main page to make sure someone else hasn't already asked your question or started a topic on the same subject.
  • Select if your new topic is a question or a conversation. If it's a discussion prompt or a question with many possible answers, mark it as a conversation.
    Mark it as a question if there is a single right or best answer to it. Note that marking a reply from another user as the best answer will help other users with the same question to find the solution quicker.
  • Post your new topic or question in the right forum.
    If your topic is a question, then start a new topic (question) in the ‘Have a question?’ forum category. Should you be interested in collecting the community’s thoughts about a certain topic and starting out a discussion instead, then start a new topic (conversation) in the ‘Peer exchange’ forum category. Once you are in the right Category, you can also simply click on "Create topic" next to your profile picture.
  • Create a really good title. When people read the title they should be able to get enough information to understand if they want to click into the topic to read more or not. Choose a title which is short but descriptive. Moderators may edit your title if we think you have a really good topic that others should be able to find more easily.
  • Write a clear and informative post. Make sure you include all the details people need to respond and write clearly so people understand what you are saying. Other users can help you better when they know what you are trying to do (and where you do not get any further). Keep in mind that you can also add images and videos. Please don't share any private information (email address, phone number, etc.), as all this information will be shared in public. 
  • Add tags. Tags are keywords to help others to find your topic more easily. Aim for 1-3 tags on a topic and try to use tags you have seen on other posts if they are applicable.

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