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  • 13 March 2020
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Dear Community, 

We are excited to be in the team that is empowered to build a ClickLearn community, together with all of you. This is a place for all ClickLearn users to connect with one another, learn and help each other make the most out of their ClickLearn projects.

We'd love to get to know you better, so please use this thread to introduce yourself - tell us who you are, where you live, what you work with, what your hobbies and interests are, or how you use ClickLearn. And feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture. This is the best way for all of us to get to know each other :wink:

About me:

I am Lucia and I'm part of ClickLearn since January 2019. I was involved in our Sales and Marketing teams before, and right now I’m working in our Customer Care department where my main responsibility is to help make this Community successful. I’m an outdoor lover living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and among my favorite activities are mountain hikes (impossible in Denmark, but my home country Slovakia has a lot to offer), soaking up some vitamin D and sea :sunny: (although there are not that many sunny days in Denmark..), and hanging out with friends and the closest ones - who can brighten up even the darkest Scandinavian days!


59 replies

Hi everyone. I am Gilbert Nyandoro from South Africa. I have begun using ClickLearn and am learning a lot. Looking forward to contributing to the ClickLearn body of knowledge.

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Hi people! :)

My name is Francis and I write from Cadiz (Andalucia, Spain), commonly known as “The paradise in the earth” (at least for the citizens of Cadiz).

I work with ClickLearn since August 2019. I am a technology consultant on UST Global and our main client is trying to implement an IFS 10 programme accross several countries and locations and I am in charge of developing different learning materials of IFS using this wonderful tool.

In my free time I like to watch series and movies and spent time with friends.

I am very happy of being part of this community that I am pretty sure will allow us to learn a lot of this incredible tool as ClickLearn is.

Strong hugs!

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Hi ClickLearn Community, I am Rob and am the Business Applications Specialist for Encore Event Technologies for Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Our Asia business uses Dynamics Nav and I have been using ClickLearn since 2017 to provide a learning portal and train the user base in Asia. It has saved many hours of  creating  traditional training and process documentation. I am sure I don’t use ClickLearn and it’s features to its full potential so looking forward to seeing and hearing how you all utilize its features.

I am a sport tragic of any variety and desperately missing all sport but especially my Rugby League season here in Australia, but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel with the season to recommence at the end of May.

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The intriguing stuff… My wife and I have been dancing ballroom for five years. Remarkably, we have continued while staying at home. We cleared out the den and do virtual lessons. With less space, we are forced to work on small details that will improve our quality, which we tend to neglect in the studio because we like to move a lot!

The curious stuff… Cable ties, packaging film, carpet, tennis balls, yoga pants, air intake manifolds, battery seals, spatulas, paints and coatings, airbags, electrical connectors are a few of the hundreds of product that are made from nylon that my company makes.

The mundane stuff… I manage CRM and part of our BI tools. I am the Houston CRMUG Chapter leader. We’ll be using ClickLearn to educate!


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Hi ClickLearn Community,

I am the Head of IT Business Change at a largish construction company in the UK. I have been the PM on our HR, CRM and L&D implementation of Apps 9 IFS ERP modules and am currently transitioning over to Apps 10 - not upgrade though. We are actually rebuilding the DB and migrating data as we do not yet have Finance live.  Finance and Commercial were planned to go live in July before Covid-19 threw the world into disarray.

I joined the conference yesterday and enjoyed the content, and looking forward to seeing the videos of sessions I missed.  I was interested in the APT testing elements of ClickLearn which I have not explored before, but worry that this could be quite consuming to set up. 

I will also be working to convert my current ClickLearn recordings from Apps 9 to Apps 10, but also start to use it for Aurena. 

I think I realised yesterday, that I have only just scratched the surface, but luckily I have brought someone on board, who I am hoping will help me exploit the functionality. 

Great to be part of the community :)


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Hi there!  I am Christine, secretly a lover of yarn (pet the fluffy stuff!) and sunshine.  :sun_with_face: My apocalyptic skill is knitting & crocheting but in the meantime I am one of the new kids on the block with ClickLearn.  I am a member of the Day One Team that opened the US office in Saint Petersburg, Florida in April, 2019. 

I went to school to get a degree in Education and found my passion of being a Teacher of Technology (ToT)!  Currently loving my career as a Customer Success Manager with an awesomely  successful user adoption application known as ClickLearn.  My main role is to present live, virtual demonstrations of our application to anyone that will stand or sit still long enough for me to tell them all about it (thanks to my CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer Plus - CTT+ - mad skills).  I wear many hats that include creating helpful articles for our new community blog, providing support with reaching out to various user groups to showcase our system and attending conferences to get eye-to-eye with as many tech enthusiasts as possible to share knowledge & get feedback from you! 

When I’m not stitching up a storm or strolling the aisles of any nearby craft fairs, I get a little faster and participate in 5K races (most of which are attached to charitable causes near to my :heartpulse: ) then slow it down again to hang out in the backyard on my lanai with family & friends, watching the sun set over the beautiful Gulf waters of the Suncoast of Florida! :sunrise:  



I am with you on the ‘fluffy stuff’! I am a keen fibre person too… spinning yarns and exploring new creations and crafts :-). Really enjoyed your CL session from NZ!!

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Hello ClickLearn,

My name is Julie Gjertsen and I am the Learning Strategist at PPC Partners, Inc. 

Our team is new to ClickLearn. We are using it primarily as a tool for the implementation of our IFS ERP solution.

I really enjoyed today’s virtual conference and I am looking forward to being a part of the ClickLearn Community.

The photo is from a trip last fall to the vineyards of Bordeaux. Great memories of a beautiful country and people, which I especially cherish during the shelter in place here in the U.S.


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My name is Joe Krupke and I work with The Davey Tree Expert Company in the role of CRM Trainer for our United States Residential operations.  Our company has been using Clicklearn for the past year while migrating our CRM product from CRM 2011 to the new CRM365 platform.  Currently I will be working on utilizing Clicklearn to create additional documentation as we move to the new UUI that Microsoft is moving to.  

I attended the Clicklearn 2020 Virtual Conference today to get a better understanding of how our company will be able to utilize Clicklearn to the fullest extent of its capabilities.  

Thank you Clicklearn for putting on the Conference today and rest assured I will be contacting some of you for some assistance as our company moves forward with some of the features with the program. 

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Hi ClickLearn Community! I’m a project manager for an IFS partner and have a couple of customers that have acquired ClickLearn for creating work instructions and running tests in IFS, with a focus on Automated Process Testing (APT). So far, I have found that ClickLearn is a great tool and am looking forward to learning and sharing more with this community.

I’m based in Tucson, AZ, USA and love golfing, and hiking & biking the great outdoors in and around this part of the world. Cheers!

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Hello fellow Click Learner’s,

My name is Jeanne and I work for Thermo Fisher Scientific.  My career has been in various aspects of  law.  I came to Thermo Fisher 15 years ago and 10 months ago made the change to a global position assisting colleagues in navigation of CRM.  We are new to ClickLearn and very excited about the possibilities.  

I am an avid motorcyclist with a 1954 Panhead and a 2002 Dyna Low Rider.  I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren.   

Side Note:  Tracy is  absolutely amazing and so so so patient!  

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Hello all,

My name is Anna Stapleton and I work for Open Door Technology Inc.


I live in Calgary, AB, CA. I love horses, dogs, cats, camping and fishing. The picture is from a trip to Mexico, right after I went swimming with the Dolphins.

We have multiple Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. I am responsible for testing and creating the Key Usage Scenarios document for Microsoft Testing and the User Help for our ODT Rentals 365 App.

As we do 2 new releases every 6 months with new features, so ClickLearn has been invaluable in enabling me to update and modify the user help each release.

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I’m Heather, a new CRM Analyst at Davey Tree. I am installing ClickLearn as I write this. It’s very new to me, but we plan to use it to create training for Dynamics 365, gearing up for the new UUI.


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Hi - I am David. I’m an Applications Specialist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Like some, I’m fairly new to the application.With what has been shown in the virtual conference, I am looking forward to become more knowledgeable on the tool and use it for all types of user training in various areas of the company.

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Hi all,

I am Johanny and I work at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Oregon USA.  I am new to ClickLearn and I will help author new training material in Dynamics CE.  I also plan on using ClickLearn to automate testing.  I hope to learn a lot from you all and thank you for being my peers.


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Hello, my name is Justin Thammavong. I have been working for a CBD company called Elixinol as a Help Desk Analyst for almost a year.

I have only used Clicklearn to produce and upload our recorded content to our SharePoint for our users to learn the processes.

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Hi my name is Eric Peterson. I am from the New England portion of the United States.  Love the outdoors, especially spending time on and near the Ocean

We (Ensign Bickford Industries)  were introduced to ClickLearn via our IFS implementation.  We have barely scratched the surface with the possibilities of using ClickLearn throughout our global organization.  Look forward to being a part of the ClickLearn community.





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I am a new ClickLearn user and was brought to the product via IFS Apps 10 compatibility and wish to learn more about the product as we get ready to launch IFS throughout our enterprise.

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Hello Community!  I work as a Quality Leader for a manufacturing company in Tennessee.  Our company was looking for a solution that would help us easily develop instructions for our employees.  I find Clicklearn to be much easier than the previous methods were were using to capture process steps and create documentation.  The fact that is an interactive tool makes learning even easier for our employees!  Looking forward to learning more about the potential of this great software!

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Hi, my name is Nathan Gerst, and I currently work at a Manufacturing Organization located in Pennsylvania. My role in the organization is an Operations Project Manager and ERP Manager. I have my PMP certification and currently working on obtaining my MBA from the University of Maryland. 

Roughly 2 years ago, we started working with the ClickLearn product. This product saved a significant amount of time on our ERP implementation. I look forward to working with the community and the ClickLearn staff to continue the progress our organization has made. 


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Hi all,

My name is Matthew Iles-Hunt and I work for Arsenal Football Club in London. I’m based at the Emirates Stadium where I look after a number of different business applications - one of them being Dynamics NAV, which is used right across the club in the warehouse… retail stores… buying & merchandising… the First Team… Womens Team… Academy Teams (where it manages all the team training and playing kits).

When it comes to ClickLearn - we’ve only just started using the product - so we’re very new and our knowledge is definitely at League 2 level rather than Premier League level that other people on here will be at!  We’ve got lots of people to train, so we’re looking forward to getting into the product - and asking lots of questions!

...this photo is from a time when we could stand next to people closer than 2m apart. 

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Hi everyone,

My name is Caroline and I work for Continia Software in their office in Copenhagen. I work as a Student Assistant in the Solution Specialist department. This is my first experience in the industry and I am excited to learn and develop!
Besides working at Continia, I study marketing, drink a lot of coffee with my friends, and then I love to cook. Happy to be apart of the ClickLearn Community :-)

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I’m Jeff and I’m a BSA with Restek Corporation. I’ve been here almost 9 years and a BSA for 2 years. Our company first started using ClickLearn  to launch our new ERP in 2019.

Looking forward to learning from the group and possibly sharing some experiences we’ve had along the way.

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My name is Thu Tran and I’m currently work for IDRC as Business System Analyst in Ottawa Canada.

I’m very new with ClickLearn product and start to used it about 2 months ago and really like it, easy to use.

Very nice to join the team.


Thu Tran

Hi I’m Liz,

I’m an Implementation Consultant at Sysco Software Solutions.

I am complete new to this product and looking forward to learning more at the up and coming ClickLearn virtual conference on April 30th !


Hey everyone,

I’m Monica Stehr and I am a Product Owner at Ascensus. We have been using ClickLearn for just under a year and it has transformed how we train our users as we transition teams from On-Premise CRM to the Cloud. Now it’s exciting to see our co-workers get excited asking us for more info on our training tool. :sunglasses:

I live in Central Minnesota with my husband, our children and one grandchild. Two kids have left the nest and the other two are in high school. We enjoy camping, fishing and hanging out with family.