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  • 9 July 2021
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ClickLearn Attain has a really cool feature which allows you to take a screen shot of for example a form, and quickly create annotations on all fields in that form. View the video below to learn more.



3 replies

Great feature, but it doesn’t seem to work with other sites. It works fine in the BC Web client but not in DevOps for example. Any idea why? Or perhaps it is not suppoced to :)

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Hi @mstjernfelt !

Thank you for posting your question. For the annotated screenshot to capture a web page such as DevOps, ClickLearn Studio relies on its connector technology. We don’t have a full DevOps connector, and ClickLearn Studio therefore uses its generic Web connector. The results in that case depend a lot on how the web app or page was coded, and will most of the time never be as great as with platforms we support with dedicated connectors. 

Thank you, as I suspected :)

I was trying to add my own annotations but the button in the Annotation editor didn’t work, any ideas why?