AI-powered software training with ClickLearn’s User eXperience Panel

  • 18 January 2024
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AI-powered software training with ClickLearn’s User eXperience Panel
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AI-powered software training with ClickLearn’s User eXperience Panel

The future for users of software is to learn with a digital companion that operates inside and across all the software platforms that people use to do their jobs. ClickLearn is leading the way on this front with the release of the new User eXperience Panel.

ClickLearn Attain is already renowned for its unmatched capabilities for auto-creating and auto-updating learning content across the entire software stack. With this latest release of a slew of AI-powered features encased in the slick new User eXperience Panel (UXP) interface, the aim is for companies to be able to effectively put employee training on autopilot by empowering users to become more productive from day one.

What is the User eXperience Panel?

It is effectively an AI-powered colleague that allows direct chat with ClickLearn content. This  digital companion helps people while they are working, across business systems. The User eXperience Panel (UXP) provides exact and relevant instructions, answering questions related to each specific user’s software platform, job function, and even the company and how it operates.

For creators of learning materials, the UXP functionality also offers exciting capabilities in learning analytics and accepted content types (YouTube crawlers, PDFs, and more!). With the UXP, fully flexible user-centric notifications for new releases or changes in content can be created. In addition, the UXP functionality provides end users with:

  • Instructions on how to use any system optimally, including all organization-specific customizations and rules in those systems.
  • In-app guidance, videos, and conceptual information about operating procedures, policies, or anything else you feed into it.
  • An AI-powered colleague that knows exactly when and how to do any job inside your software.

How do you use the UXP?

With the UXP, learning resources are presented to users directly next to the application they are working in. All existing ClickLearn recordings and training materials are easily and readily available for users through the panel. Users can go through the steps and perform them simultaneously without leaving the current application.

Who can use the UXP?

The UXP is currently available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. Dynamics 365 F&O, Business Central and others like Oracle HCM and Salesforce will follow....

Sign up to get info on when and what releases are coming next here:

Or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get a demo of the latest release.

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