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  • Issues related to comment functionality is now fixed.
  • APT bug fixes.

UI and functional issues were fixed.

  • Login page is now not resizable.

Previously we were able to resize the window which was not good user experience.

  • Different sizes of red highlight box were appearing in written and video editor which is fixed now.

The highlight hotspot was appearing slightly different sizes in video and written editors.

  • We can now comment on steps by right clicking the step.

Comment can now embed step for easy interaction.

  • Now the note canvas can be expanded.

There is an expand button which will increase the size of the text box.

  • Now we can pause the replay.

When the pause button was clicked the screen turned to red and un clickable.



Additional updates

  • In Try me video, the missed clicks start to count right from the start of the step.

Previously, the missed clicks were counting after the narration, but now it will start right from the beginning of the step.


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