ClickLearn Attain version release notes

  • 10 December 2020
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  • New feature: Upgrade
    • Used to change connector type in NAV and IFS – like the conversion
  • New feature: Rollback
    • Revisions, a minor version is added every time the recording is saved. Major versions are not available.
  • New feature: Text to Speech
    • Both available in all projects and for the publishing template. You can control which voice is used for each language, and its speed / breath setting.
  • Login issue with O365 SSO is fixed
    • Can now authenticate with O365 on the portal, again.
  • Preview issue has been fixed
    • Can now see the recordings in preview/edit mode. This was a Microsoft issue in internet explorer, which is used as the internal renderer.
  • Bug fixes related to Metadata
    • Translations are now working for metadata and editing the meta data fields are working again.
  • Functional fixes in written editor
    • Text to speech preview in the translator now works so that you can hear the preview.
    • The information box regarding recording using a different resolution is now fully displayed, and not cut off.
    • Image blocks is not rendered in the preview of video and assist roles.
  • Logout issue when you logged in by checking the "keep me logged in" checkbox is fixed
  • Site Access related bugs in publishing is now fixed.
    • Site Access is now clickable and the settings for private / public is saved.
  • Adjust the height and width of a screenshot in the recording by four-digit numbers in publishing template introduced
  • Issue related to edit a step of a recording which was imported from Classic is fixed now
    • Editing steps no longer shows a blank page on imported recordings.

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