ClickLearn Attain version release notes

  • 31 March 2023
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Released 29 March, 2023


  • Inside Help
    • As users with MFA or power apps CE face issue with authentication is fixed. ClickLearn app id should be added as an application id in BC or CE and then use 'cl' as user id to login. Please contact support for more info.
  • Structure
    • Structure editing is now restricted to single user at a given point of time.
      • If user A is editing structure, then user B will encounter a message box when trying to access structure, with the name of who is accessing it.
      • For user B to access structure, user A should save and leave the structure.
      • In case of force closing studio by user A, then user B should wait for 6 mins and then can access structure.
      • If user A hibernated the machine, user B should inform user A to navigate out of structure. Development team is working on a way to prevent this scenario.

  • Localization
    • Annotations on annotated screenshot can now be translated.
    • Auto translating structure alone, was crashing application. This issue is now fixed.

  • Settings
    • Based on region now voices will be displayed in voice selection of text to speech editor.
    • Now we have ability to add proxy using a text file 'C:\ProgramData\ClickLearn\ClickLearnProxy.txt'.
  • Publishing
    • Power point was getting corrupted when nested bullets with combination of numbered bullets were used. This issue is fixed.
    • Publishing would get stuck due to a backend issue. This is now fixed.
    • Cropping and adding hotspot to a screenshot did not look the same in preview. This issue is now fixed.
    • Pasting steps to a recording will now pop up a warning dialogue regarding screencontent.
    • Flow questions showed blank button if submit button was blank. Necessary validations are added and also removed submit button in binary question.
    • Warnings on produce report were shown for images that were removed too. This issue is now fixed.
    • Produce report will now show a warning when SCORM package files exceed the limit of SCORM upload.
    • SCORM was not displaying images and this issue is now fixed.
    • A couple of scenarios in which produce was getting stuck is now optimized.

  • MSI
    • Multiple users accessing same project in MSI were having issues in a couple of places. This issue is now fixed

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