ClickLearn Attain version release notes

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Released 12 April, 2023

New Features

  • New Produce and Publishing experience
    • A new produce and publish experience will now allow you to access your previously produced content. You can also produce without publishing or changing your active version of content and activate it after you verify.
    • In the portal, you can now configure an endpoint name and link it to your produced content, after which your content can be accessed using the endpoint link. While keeping the endpoint link constant, we can point it to other project's produced content.
    • LIUP[Language independent URL part] can now be set in structure for sections and recordings, which allows you to set a unique and custom URL part. This enables the user to bookmark a constant link even though the recordings or sections are replaced or updated.

  • "Replace with input" option for keyboard step
    • Replaying a keyboard step will now clear the existing text in the textbox and replace with the keyboard step's data; to do so, you should enable the option Replace with input while editing a keyboard step in data editor.

  • New notification system
    • A new notification system is now in place that notifies you to update the studio when a new version is available. This also contains a link to new release notes.
    • Using this system, we can also notify you regarding any incidents or updates regarding the application.


  • Recording
    • We made recording list load effective and fast while switching between project types like APT and others.
    • Now you won't lose any content of the annotated screenshot while you create a new recording using the 'Save As' option.

  • Publishing
    • We now ensure that reproducing your content as private will pick up the right permission set as per your previous configuration.

  • Publishing Template
    • Now we can fully overwrite a default publishing template with a sub template of other projects.

  • Structure
    • We have now fixed the hyperlink validation, which will show a validation message only if the hyperlink is empty.

  • Optimisation
    • IFS Scopes import tool improvements
      • IFS Scopes import has been optimised for speed, and fewer files will be uploaded as assets.
      • When you start the import tool and select the path where CSV is present, the path of the standard recording will be picked automatically and can be changed in the import dialogue.
    • Database improvements
      • Major changes had been done at the database level to improve the overall performance. You will be experiencing it throughout the application.

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