Planning your APT setup

  • 26 June 2020
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Automated Process Testing


Considerations before you begin

Disclaimer: Intimate knowledge of the replay function is recommended for a successful APT experience.


Think about what you would like to test and why you want to test it, i.e. which output would you like to confirm.

I suggest you map out the process on paper, or in your mind.


Think about how the different recordings tie together, and how their input and output should connect. ClickLearn gives you the opportunity to add multiple recordings into a book to replay, you can consider this parts of a process, or full processes that are tied together in tandem. In an APT scenario you will often find yourself replaying a book.


Bridging the gaps

Just as you should be able to perform the last action in the first recording, and the first action of the second recording – so must the replay.

There should be a clear navigation path from recording to recording, otherwise the replay will fail in-between. You may therefor need to add a bridge recording in-between which just does navigation, or you can record addition steps in the end, or in the start of your existing sequence.


The actual run

As with replays, it is important to have a clean dataset ready.

This means that with your ClickLearn recordings, and your ERP system needs to be ready to work with the data that you have present in your recordings.

If your system is not on the correct screen when you start, or if you are attempting to enter data that already exists the replay may fail – consider the sequence carefully, and make sure each recording is repayable before adding them in tandem.


When it fails

Consider the data choice and the actions which are in play, and the bridging between recordings.

Is there a seamless transition? (add bridge steps or recordings)

If you are recording an order being “checked out” and replay this, will it fail because that order is now already checked out? (choose another order that isn’t “checked out” using the replay data in ClickLearn Studio or “check-in” the order in your ERP system).

Is there a dialogue box appearing and did I record the choice in that box?


The first question to ask when a replay fails is always: Would I be able to do this myself, following the instructions exactly, step by step?



If you for example are using the APT for a stress test, you can add an additional cleanup recording in the end of your sequence. This way you are not polluting your ERP system with test data.


APT Theory

There are many ways and reasons of using APT, and the combinations and possibilities hereof are near endless.

Most organizations use APT to test their system and its capabilities. Some even have them run overnight, and then just view the logs the next day from ClickLearn.

The logs will reveal any errors that has been, and they will have screenshots available from the system state at the time of error.

Some organizations also use APT as an automation tool, which can perform tasks for them.

The cool thing about ClickLearn is that it is a user perspective tool, so you will always get the experience that of your end users or customers.


APT Options and practical usage

  • SetGlobalValue Stores a global value available under a user defined description
  • GetGlobalValue Retrieves a global value available from a user defined description
  • SetGaseValue Stores a recording specific value under a user defined description to use with a case
  • GetCaselValue Retrieves a recording specific (same or other recording) value from a user defined description to use with a case
  • AssertAreEqual Confirms that an entry has a specific value
  • Repeater (Group option) A repeater can be an excel file or a vbscript. A repeater will redo the entire group until the excel sheet is depleted, or the script ends. (repeater concept discontinued in UX12)
  • Flow tags used to set answers to flow questions on a case basis. Similar to “probability math” where you have answer AAA AAB ABB ABA BAA BBA BBB BAB etc. This way you can have decision gate choices predefined in your APT cases.



Video from the Get Smarter 2020 Conference, Planning your Automated Process Testing setup: 


F.A.Q.: What is Automated Process Testing?


ClickLearn Replay and APT Fundamentals:


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What does this mean for classic users?


  • Repeater (Group option) A repeater can be an excel file or a vbscript. A repeater will redo the entire group until the excel sheet is depleted, or the script ends. (repeater concept discontinued in UX12)