Spotlight on Ascensus

  • 26 June 2023
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Spotlight on Ascensus
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In this spotlight session, Ascensus will share their insights into how they use ClickLearn as a key part of their change management strategy.

Ascensus is the largest independent recordkeeping services partner, third-party administrator, and government and health savings facilitator in the United States.

They have implemented ClickLearn as a key part in their training strategy to support change and create value for their organization.

As they share their insights, you will also learn about key ClickLearn metrics, how training theory is practically applied and supported by ClickLearn to achieve training goals, favorite features and view a content demo.

Key take-aways

  • Customer Case presentation
  • Using ClickLearn to support training and Change Management
  • How to use key learning metrics
  • Facilitate Learning goal achievements in practice

Hosted & presented by


Dan Madden

Program Manager CRM
– Ascensus


Jay Murphy

Senior CRM Administrator
– Ascensus


Tatjana Taleff
CRM Administrator
– Ascensus


Christine Eltz

Customer Success Manager
– ClickLearn


View the webinar here:

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