ClickLearn Attain: Introducing collaboration

  • 7 August 2020
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ClickLearn Attain: Introducing collaboration
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It’s time for yet another developer’s diary - and oh boy, do we have some interesting things to show you all today. In this post we will take a look at the much anticipated collaboration feature set.

As you sign-in to ClickLearn Attain, you will probably notice something new - the ORGANIZATION IDENTIFIER. This additional field will enable authors from one organization to work on projects in other organizations. Useful, for example if you are working on customer projects, or as a contractor.

page

New team members can be invited to any ClickLearn project. This is managed in the Team editor.

Team editor

Also new - an activity feed, with a log on your project - showing information about who did what, when.

Activity feed

You can create and assign tasks to yourself or your team members. Tasks can be attached to objects such as assets, recordings and more.

Add new task

You can add comments to a recording, and reply to someone else’s comments.

Comments in a recordings

This concludes today’s post about the new collaboration features. We hope you like them - how do you think you will utilize them in your ClickLearn project? The comment below are open for you input.

4 replies

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This is great stuff Per. The comments alone I know our Project owners will love!

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Yes I love this! 

As one of the Product Owners mentioned above, I definitely like the idea of giving comments directly in the material so we can get everything just right before sending out to users.

I am also very interested in how it will work when we invite people to our project. We have one large library that we have a few authors working on (but currently only one who produces/published) so I am excited for the new functionality there. We are also looking to add additional authors in our organization who will be creating separate libraries (I guess projects now) so there is a lot of new functionality that will help them too.

Thank you!


This sounds like we will now be able to separate libraries, giving people access to only those libraries we wish them to see.  Great stuff!  Something we had been hoping for.


Does every Team member that needs to be added to collaboration need to separately apply for / request access to Attain?