ClickLearn Attain: Producing content

  • 24 August 2020
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ClickLearn Attain: Producing content
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Welcome to another post about our upcoming ClickLearn Attain major product release. Today’s post will focus on producing content!

In the current version of ClickLearn, depending on your production selection and size, producing content can be a time-consuming process. We know some customers have large and complex productions, which means finishing them may take several hours to complete. This has therefore been high up on our improvement list for ClickLearn Attain.

ClickLearn Attain is built to thrive in the cloud, and this enables us to use cloud-based resources to speed up your production of content significantly. It also means you will not (with a few exceptions) have to manually run to complete a production process in ClickLearn Attain. In fact, a lot of the production will happen in the background while you are working in ClickLearn Attain, without bothering you, locking the application, or slowing it down.

We also know a number of customers are in certain sectors where cloud usage is not preferred due to reasons such as IT policies. ClickLearn Attain will also support offline usage for those of you where this is the case. And with regards to producing content, you will be delighted to learn that ClickLearn Attain will support multi-threading. Offline production may not be as efficient as in the cloud, but it will still be a major improvement.

That’s all for now! 

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