How to contact the ClickLearn Support?

  • 23 March 2020
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Use the community 

On the ClickLearn community you will find numerous posts, threads, and topics for inspiration and help. Both ClickLearn staff and ClickLearn authors from around the world are partaking in the community discussions and content pieces. 


Contact support from inside ClickLearn Studio

The technical support feature can be found inside the ClickLearn studio application, and is well suited if you have issues with a specific content piece inside the ClickLearn studio, as it will submit the recording file along with your personalized message in the pop-up contact form. 


Contact support on email 

Contacting the support mailbox on support (a) clicklearn .com is a good method should you have a need for broader support, perhaps for consulting services like project organization, file structure, tracking, publishing, deployment, or something else. It may be that a trainer is required, or a developer or account manager is to be involved. This is a good alternative to the ClickLearn support feature if your inquiry is of a more general nature, or not regarding a specific content piece. 


Contact support via phone

The support phone is staffed from Monday to Friday 8-16 CET. Typically, it is used where urgent clarification of a question, or support is needed. If the ClickLearn support function is otherwise engaged, a secretary will take your message and pass it on. 


We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours, and to have your issue resolved within 48 hours.

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