Action Triangle: Windows Video

When publishing my recordings as a Windows Video (MP4), the field which needs to be clicked on does not have a red square around it, like it does in other formats.

I have ticket a box in the setting called ‘action triangle

’ as shown in the image, assuming that this was what was missing, but still no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Best answer by Morten 9 May 2023, 10:04

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Hi @w1dawson ,


the hotspot is part of the javascript that powers the html video.


it is one of the features that is not possible using the mp4 format.

Hi Morten,

Thanks for the reply, this is a shame as it renders the mp4 format as almost pointless.

Maybe this is something ClickLearn could address?
Thanks again


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Hi Wayne,


i don’t know if i would go as far as calling it pointless ;) But it is a dated format compared to the html video, which has additional capabilities, including the nice TOC navigation options.


Due to the way we render the hotspots, it cannot be done in the mp4 video.


br, Morten