Adding recordings to my struction sections

  • 1 December 2020
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I have created my structure, and I see the Recordings on the right panel.  I want to drag and drop then into my sections (as I saw in a video), but I can’t.  When I drag them they go between the sections.  How do I do this?  Also, if I have a recording that I want to go into multiple sections (I have one called Adding a Note that I want to go into each structure) how do I do that?  I’ve watched several of the videos, and maybe I just can’t find the right one, so if there is one feel free to link it for me.



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Hi @tsilver 

To add recordings to your structure, you can drag and drop as you suggest:

  1. Drag from right-side panel and drop in structure list on a section or in root
  2. If recording is not correctly placed initially - drag and drop recording to desired location in structure list

The view is connected to cloud resources, so please allow for a little lag when dragging/dropping.

And yes, you can add same recording multiple times. See my example below where “review case” is appearing in three sections at the same time:


Please don’t hesitate to contact our support desk if you’d like some further guidance on these topics.