Branching in Recordings

  • 28 May 2020
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What is the best way to handle branching or decisions in recordings? (If you have a process and during the process the user needs to make a decision, or follow different steps depending on the outcome of the previous step)


  • Some steps previous
  • Does the customer exist in our system?
  • If yes → go this route and do a few more steps
  • If no → go this route and do other steps
  • Return at some point to some final shared steps



4 replies

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Hi Kevan,

Thanks, that is a very good question and to some extent it will rely on “gut feeling”.

I would always recommend not to do branching if you have other options. If it makes sense to split the process into two I would do so.

The second option I would recommend is documenting the process to the point where the decision needs to be made and then end the documentation by referring the two other options.

The purpose of my suggestions is to keep the guides as short as possible and keep everything as simple as possible for the end user.

Relating this to your example I would end the first part of the process with a note saying something like: “ If the customer doesn’t exist in the in our system please follow the guide Create New Customer…”. So the main process is covering the scenario where the customer exists in the system.

You could also consider having a note in the beginning of the process stating the prerequisite that the customer must exist in the system.

Last option would be to setup the branching in the flow role. There you can setup the branching question and have both endings in the same process. But please be aware if this actually is the best solution for the end user, and avoid creating very long recordings.

I hope this makes sense! 😊

BR Lars

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hi @tbay-stranger for the flow role, you can read more about it here:

However, i do recommend simple one off instructions where it is possible, so that you have one instruction per process to keep it each, clean and simple - also for the learner :)

It seems the flow roles and decision gates were applied in a test recording that I completed, but in the web view it didn’t elude to any of those questions?  Is there something I did wrong, how can you accomplish this with just basic web version or PDF document that is outputted?



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Hi Kevan,


Thats right. The flow role is inteded for use with the html video and the clicklearn assist.


If you would like to demonstrate something similar in your written instruction, then i suggest you include a flow chart and then reference the branches as chapters or subchapters in your recording. This is to illustrate to the reader which steps that are to choose, so they are navigating through the right path when reading the content.


You can then choose to hide those in the video and assist if you like.