Can ClickLearn record remote desktops?

  • 21 November 2022
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I’m currently working for a client that only allows me to work via citrix and remote desktop, I need to create content for a software, but I can’t seem to get ClickLearn to record steps on the remote desktop even though its running on my laptop.


Any advise?


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7 replies

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Hi @Anthony Dele,


clicklearn must be installed on the same environment as you are trying to record.


So if you are recording in citrix, then clicklearn studio needs to be installed on the citrix remote desktop  just as any other app you would be using there.

Are you able to help me install remote, I have downloaded but every time I try to record, I get the message to install ClickLearn extension which I have. 


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you will need to install the native messaging host on the citrix desktop, and you need to have modify rights to c:\programdata\clicklearn on the citrix desktop too.

Hi Morten, In Statnett , we experience that the recording starts ok, but the green selection only selects the hwole window, not the exact commands where the mouse is.

Any tip?

Regards, Dan

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Hi Dan,


ClickLearn has to be installed and executed on the Citrix desktop itself. ClickLearn has to be installed and running on the same environment as you are trying to record.

HI, thanx, yes we do that, however, with the connector installed, there is still a message telling me to install it in the green frame when starting a recording. 

But, where do I allow the mentioned c:\programdata\clicklearn? 

I can’t find a folder like that in the Citrix host.

Thanx, Dan

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Hi @Dan 


you need to make it available on the farm, a citrix admin needs to allow for the users to see that folder  so you can apply the permission and the file can be executed (clGChost)