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  • 20 June 2022
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I am creating documentation using Microsoft Dynamics connectors and would like to edit the sentence structure of default instruction text.

For example, when recording a process, the standard text would be “Click the button New”. I would like it to automatically be written as “Click the New button”, which is more natural and grammatically correct. Currently I am spending a lot of time editing every step to correct this type of phrasing, but would rather apply a change at the template, or via the connector if possible.

Hope this makes sense.



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Hi Jim,


It is a bit difficult to accomplish.


The structure is:


mouse action + type of item + name of item



click on the button new

double-click on the dropdown menu customers

right-click on the navigation item sales order


i can show you how you could accomplish this, but that doesn’t mean it will not give you problems down the line with unforeseen consequences to some sentences:



click on








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Thansk Morten!

This makes sense. However, when I go into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations connector in Settings > Language settings > Language template editor, I don’t see any ‘old’ text.. All fields appear blank. Am I looking in the right place?

If I could see the ‘old’ text, like you show in your screenshots I would be happy to make and try the respective updates needed to correct the phrasing.

Example screenshot of what I see. No matter what I select on the left hand side, I fail to see any example text in the respective language boxes. 






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the reason is that we use US english as our base language, and only if there is a variation in another english language you will see it.


Add english US to your project and you will see it :)

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Thank you - this gave me the ability to make the required changes to the connector, and the recorder is now functioning as intended.

Note: This activity did require me to make around 30 separate line changes to adjust the connector for proper English phrasing (Action + Name of + Target). If possible, I imagine other English speaking users would also benefit if this formatting could be applied as the English default in all other connectors; especially as the steps I took were very much prone to error.

In the meantime, I am happy.