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  • 29 August 2022
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When capturing a button function , example: Click OK, ClickLearn records the step as “Click on the button OK.”

I would like to change the wording for this for all steps and not have to manually change each step.

Can you tell me how to change it so ClickLearn records it as just “click OK” or whatever button name we are referring to?

I only want this change to happen for any buttons that have to be clicked on.



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Hi @Lorie L 


You can do this by changing the template. 


Please know that this will affect that type of step in ALL recordings based on the template you change.


You can change it here:


  1. click create/modify the template item for the step you want to change



  1. change the template text


If i delete the type of function from the template text. It should then say: 

Click on Recordings, rather than Click on the link Recordings.