chapter image appearing before the chapter actually begins in videos

  • 12 June 2020
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I’ve noticed that in multi-chapter Show Me videos the image that belongs to the following chapter appear one or two seconds immediately before the actual chapter name appears. Let me try to explain a different way with a simple example:

Chapter 1 contains one image we will call “Image A”.

Chapter 2 contains a different image we will call “Image B”.

The video plays in this order:

  1. “Image A” shows throughout Chapter 1.
  2. At the end of Chapter 1 “Image B” suddenly appears, even though it’s not connected to any Notes or Steps belonging to Chapter 1.
  3. The Chapter 2 title screen appears.
  4. Then Chapter 2 proceeds along with “Image B”.

ClickLearn support says they are looking into this, but I wondered if anyone else here had encountered this, and if so, what sort of solution you may have come up with.

Thank you.

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