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  • 17 August 2021
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I posted this question after viewing a video, however I have not received a reply.

I am very confused since it says there are 2 replies, but I am not able to see any replies.

I have copied my question from the initial request that I made.

Thank you, Lorie


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Hi @Lorie L 

There are some technical limitations related to cloud storage technology standards that means we have to operate within the max 32 characters limit on filenames. However if you enable meta data you can use the meta data field “Alternative title”, which has a limitation of 72 characters. Here is an example from the editor (first enable meta data in Project settings, then open recording and click Meta Data Properties to open panel):



In case your titles are longer than 72 characters due to naming conventions, where perhaps you are including information such as application area, department, process no., language etc., we recommend you use additional meta data fields to split the information in several parts. This way you are ensured that text formatting in for example Assist content doesn’t look weird due to long title names. I hope this helps!

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Once I figured out how to find the Meta Data settings I was able to figure it out.

I wasn’t sure which box to check in Meta Data so I checked them all.

I then went into the project and added an alternative title.

I noticed it doesn’t change it in the project or structure, but when I preview it from the structure I can see the full title.

Thanks for the help.


Lorie D