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  • 6 October 2022
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We are using Attain to display Work Instructions in IFS and everything works great.  However, in tthe published documents, there is a “toolbox” that is displayed on the right-side.  These are links that allow for the expected functionality, but the “PDF” option under the Downloads header does not do anything; click and no effect.  This seems to have worked in the past, but recently stopped working (or at least was observed to not be working).  Is this a known issue? And how can it be fixed?




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4 replies

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Hi @aprough 

It could be due to browser settings, browser updates, or maybe something else. You can try testing if the behavior is the same in different browsers. But either way, we will gladly help you investigate and find out how this can be corrected. Please contact our support desk for more assistance.

@Per , yes, it is in all browsers.  I will look into adding in a support ticket.

True issue was found by Help Desk.  It appears IFS does not use IE support which is what allows the download of PDFs through ClickLearn.


HI Aprough,


Could you please share some extra information on the setup done to have the Clicklearn Work Instructions available in IFS?