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  • 5 November 2021
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What is the difference/rationale for two standard directories Common Assets versus Recording Assets?  When I upload my templates (Word, PPT), and logo...which directory should they be placed? I want each project (and all associated recordings) to use the same assets.


Also after I update and replace with new templates (and delete the old ones), I am finding the “view” still shows me the old templated version.

3 replies

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hi @Carrie Roussin :)


there is no difference between the two folders, they have those names to encourage authors to put recording-related assets in the recording folder, and regular assets, such as documents etc, in the common assets. But there is no difference, and you can use them as you please.


the View option in the template section is currently always showing our default, this should change sometime in the future. If you want to view your change, please preview a recording using the structure editor, with the template selected under advanced options:


I’m a wee bit confused.  when I go to Structure and then to Advanced Tab, my options are the project (default) or create anew template...but I don’t want to create a new one, I want to use the one I have already pre-created. A new dialog opens asking me for a config name and source?


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Hi Carrie,


in the drop down menu, you should be able to select the template you created, or the default template if that is the one you changed